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Rev Share Plans

$1 Interesting Ad Pack
When you purchase a $1 Ad Pack, funds are instantly distributed as follows:
$.05 for referral
$.35 for sharing with other Ad Pack owners
$.60 reserve

$1 Interesting Ad Pack earns .1% to 3% Daily.  There may be days when earnings are zero, or days when you will earn multiple times.  It is all based on sales.

Reserve funds are there for streaks of no earning, or low earning days.

Funds in the reserve are not idle.  We use the funds to develop the site or fund projects.  Profits from these developments or projects are placed back into this reserve.  This is what is called "external revenue" that you see on some websites.

Most Rev Shares die because they only sit on their reserve funds and never use it for development or growth.  As a member of Interesting Matrix, you can also take part and contribute in the projects that we work on.

$5 Interesting Ad Pack
This is a FREE incentive and gift given when members purchase a $5 Wolf Pack. 

You'll earn 25 cents for each $5 Interesting Ad Pack that your referrals get.

The $5 Ad Packs earn 0.1% to 0.3% daily on their own and up to an additional 0.5% daily from external revenue sites.  Our first external site Consistent Profit is launching next week (1st of June) with 5 more external sites scheduled this year.

Before your friends do.


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