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Mini Matrix System

2X1 Mini Feeder Matrix

27 Cent Ad Pack purchase gets you 250 advertising credits and 5 login ads.  Cycle with only 2!

Your first purchase goes under your sponsor.  Additional purchases goes in the next available spot in the overall matrix.  So if you can't refer, everyone still helps fill your matrix.

This is what happens when you cycle:
5 cents added to your balance
5 cents matching bonus to your sponsor
Free entry to 2X2 Mini Matrix Feeder

2X2 Mini Matrix Feeder


40 Cent Ad Pack purchase gets you 400 advertising credits and 8 login ads.  This is a hybrid design just like the 2X1 Mini Matrix above so your first purchase goes under your sponsor, and subsequent purchases are filled in order (company forced.

When you cycle:
Earn 5 cents cycle bonus
3 cents matching bonus when referrals cycle
Free entry to Mini 3X3 Matrix ($1.50 value)

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