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Wolf Pack V2 - Launched 12th of December 2017
Wolf Pack Catalyst - Launched 28th of December 2017

Hybrid Forced Matrix.  Earn From Everyone In Your Downline

Interesting Matrix presents...  The Wolf Pack V2 and The Wolf Pack Catalyst.  The World's Best Pay Plans Are Here.

Unlike Anything You Have Ever Seen.  These plans have never been done before and will put you in profit.

Earn a residual, daily, weekly, or monthly income from a one-time pay!  Pre-build your downline now to earn impressive bonuses.  Combined personal and company forced matrix system.


Get 20,000 Banners Just For Joining


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Beta Launched Since 25th of April

And People are Cycling Everyday

Multiple Income Streams

Mini 2X1 Auto Matrix - Only 27 Cents Per Ad Pack

Wolf Pack 2X10 Hybrid Matrix - $0.90 Per Ad Pack

Bridging The Gap and Fighting Poverty Through MLM

Forced Matrix + Single Line Cycler + Ad Packs

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