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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why was my withdrawal not approved?
A: You need to have a deposit to request a withdrawal.  No payments or withdrawals are made to members that have no deposits.

Q: Do I need referrals in order to earn?
  • $1 Interesting Ad Pack Plan - You do not need referrals
  • $2 Regenerating Hybrid Shares - You do not need referrals
  • $5 Wolf Pack Cycler - You do not need referrals
  • 2X8 Matrix Plan - Yes, you need referrals
Q: What do I get with my Free Pro Membership ($5 value)?
A:  You get 20,000 text and banner credits, and the ability to purchase Ad Packs and earn.  Right now you can fund your account for $10 and buy $10 worth Ad Packs.  In the future, you will need to pay for the $5 Pro membership before you can buy any Ad Packs.
Q: Should I buy Ad Packs (shares) or upgrade in the matrix?
A: Buy ad packs if you can't refer.  Upgrade in matrix or a combination of both, if you can refer.  Then on May 9, buy the Wolf Pack Cyclers for $5 each as this will feed your ad packs.
Q: What is Beta Launch mean?
A: It is just like a Pre Launch, but you can deposit, earn, and withdraw.  Beta launch means you are testing features of a website that are not proven.  In this case, the Pay Plans are not proven as they are of original design.
Q: Are the matrixes company forced or personal forced?
A: The 2X8 Auto Upgrade Matrix is personal forced.  You will need to build a team in order to profit here.  The Wolf Pack Cycler is company forced and is 100% passive.
Q: How long do withdrawals take?
A: Withdrawals take 1 to 7 business days.  Bitcoin withdrawals take about 1 business day.  Payza is average 5 business days.  We don't like it, but they hold our funds for a week.
Q: I have a question that is not answered yet. How can I get help?
A: Just contact us and we will gladly answer you, or try our Live Chat for instant help.


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